Securing, Licensing and Copyright Protection for Images with Smart Contracts over Blockchain.

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What We Do

In this day & age, image security and ownership protection is not fool proof. An image on the web can be forged, stolen or copied with just a few clicks. ShutterHash is built to provide a state-of-the-art decentralized photography platform where content creators can securely register and license their images using smart contracts and the security framework behind blockchain. ShutterHash uses blockchain tech to encrypt, store, license and copyright protect user images. The photographer can set the price, type of rights, number of instances that he/she wants to sell over the platform. The platform charges a very nominal fee compared to industry standards.


To be the pioneer in image sale and purchase over a decentralized platform serving the intrests of the community using state of the art pform with smart contracts.


To create a platform to serve the photography community to securely sell pictures over a secure blockchain based decentralized ecosystem.

Top Security

With state-of-the-art security and encrption as part of the blockchain architecture and its implementation using mathematics and cryptography, your creations are secured even at storage level.

Social Content

Content on our site is for the massess by the masses. As it is a decentralized system, we are just enablers, the content creators and buyers have 100% security and privacy. Each transaction on our platform is decentralized and over smart contracts that too peer to peer.


Here are the saliant features of ShutterHash

Copyright on Blockchain

Make your photos forever yours by attributing your rights on the blockchain. Attach a usage license to allow others to buy them, or make your content completely private.

Licensing with Smart Contracts

Define your own licensing terms by creating smart contracts. Get paid for your work directly from consumers, with no middle men, no cuts and all profit going to you. Combine smart licenses with client-side functions to build new apps on the blockchain.

Fully Decentralized & Opensource

Everything on the blockchain is decentralized, from media registration to copyright dispute resolution, allowing anyone to incorporate existing or new services and platforms. The network can run without mining and with consistently low transaction fees by combining a lattice of blockchains with proof of stake.

Decentralized App

Unlike traditional software applications, ShutterHash is usually not regulated by a single entity. ShutterHash, on the other hand, is a blockchain-based decentralized system. That means there shouldn't be a single point of failure, and the program shouldn't be run by a single entity. Decentralized applications are made up of a set of smart contracts that communicate with one another autonomously once the protocol is deployed on a blockchain. People can hold on to their images and photos and sell or rent them out to make money.


In the cryptocurrency market, it's difficult to overestimate the importance of trust. That means complete transparency in terms of community development and assistance, as well as any security- related measures. High-quality audits of the Binance smart chain code, for example, can considerably reduce the risk of malicious behaviour.


Here is a quick peek into our project timelines and concepts. We are working diligently to have the technology stack created and released for you at the earliest.

Q1 2022

Initial Launch

We are launching the initial website, performing audit and certification of our paltforms during the first quarter of 2022 as well as releasing the whitepaper for the platform.

Q2 2022

Token Listing

As part of the release of the platform, we will be performing listing of our tokens on a predominant exhange platform.

Q3 2022

Listing on Exchanges

We will begin the official listing of our token on all the leading exchanges so that you, as our valuable customers can purchase our token from anywhere and link your wallet with our platform to seamlessly purchase photographs.

Q4 2022

Official Launch

Official Launch of our mobile apps on android and IOS as well as web3 platform for desktop based content creators to upload and list photographs on our website.

Contact Us

You can reach us on our discord channel, twitter accounts as well as our web3 platforms.